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Healthy Farms Healthy Planet
The web resources listed here support the content area curriculum. They are used by teachers to present specific skills within the curriculum to individuals, small groups, one classroom of students, or all students at this grade level
Il Dept of Ag

History of the Dept of Agriculture

General Facts about Illinois Agriculture



Crop History

Economic History

Livestock History



Healthy Farms, Healthy Planet

Il Partners


Illinois Partners

Il Farm Bureau

Illinois Farm Bureau



Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom



Teacher Resources

Secret Side Of The Drought: Many Corn Farmers Will Benefit

Socially Responsible Agricultural Project: Factory Farms http://www.sraproject.org/states/illinois/

The Purple River--dairy factory farm incident http://illinoisissues.uis.edu/archives/2011/07/purpleriver.html

Factory Farms in Illinois http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/factsheet/factory-farms-in-illinois/

Factory Farm Map

Prairie Rivers: Factory Farms


Websites that Support a Primary Grade Unit on Farms

farm yard
 Milk A Cow

cow At the Farm

Kids Farm

Barnyard Palace

Family Farms Around the World

These 150 farm homepages give you a feel for life on the farm in 40 states and 18 countries around the world. Most include information about life on their farm, animals, crops, wildlife, marketing, problems, economics, soil, climate, and other information of interest to farmers, students, and the general public. Each farm has included a mailto: and would be delighted to hear from you. They will answer your e-letters as quickly as farm work permits.


Pumpkin Facts


Great Pumpkin Detectives Webquest

Old MacHerbert's Farm Webquest


AG's Cool Activities: From North Carolina's website, a variety of games based on the products of a farm

The Kid's AG Page Learn about crops and animals produced in Illinois and the ways in which they are used, remember that agriculture is more than farming.

Farm Unit Resources for Teachers

March, 2013