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going camping
going camping2
For Very Young Learners
More Challenging Games
1.Tents 11. Wacky Wildlife: make new animals
2.Forest 12. Design Your Own Treehouse Highlights
3. Ocean 13. .Ants Picnic Party Highlights
4.Meadow 14. Search the Night Sky Highlights
5. Winter Snow 15. Boats! Hidden Pictures Highlights
6. Desert 16. Leaf Creatures Highlights
7. Pond 17. Build a Castle (sand or stone)
8. Toopy and Binoo's Camping Trip 18. Family Game Night Highlights
9. Time to Move: Measure the Fish 19. Nocturnal Animal Hunt
10. Bear Match Up! Highlights 20. River Kayak
  21. Fishing: Catch the Fish
  22. Balancing Act
  23. Fill the Box with Blocks
book What about writing your own creature feature?

birthday cake

First Grade Students Celebrate Clifford's Birthday

The last week in August

Join the fun at these websites

party hats

crayonsWith permission, these files can be printed and colored!

Rhyming Words

Professor Garfield: Rhyming Words
In the Nick of Rhyme
Digby Mole's Rhyme Game
Rhyme Rodeo--reading required
Gus and Inky's Rhyme Time
Concentration Rhyming Pictures/Words (no audio)
Find the Rhyme (audio support)
Concentration Rhyming Game Pictures/Words
(no audio)
Move the Words to Match Up Rhymes Part I
Move the Words to Match Up Rhymes Part II
Rhyme Time: Kaboose
Rhyming Concentration
Rhyming Rockets
Teacher Resource: Rhyming

apple Aapple Papple Papple Lapple Eapple S

Write an Apple Shape Poem from Read Write Think!

Washington Apples Varieties Page

Printable Worksheet

Printable Coloring Pages

Apple Online Quiz

Read with a partner: Apple Facts
from the University of Illinois Extension

Make a Funny Apple Face by Highights

Create Mr. Apple Head--like Mr. Potato Head

Apples Hidden Picture Game

Pick a Bushel of Apples

Apple Concentration

Apple Bytes Concentration Game

Fun and Games from Apple Juice.org

From the University of Illinois Extension

Match the Apples a Concentration Game

Catch the Apples and Learn some Apple Facts

Follow the Apples (a memory game)

Read with partner about the life of Johnny Appleseed (Jonathon Chapman)

More about the life of Johnny Appleseed from America's Library.Com

Read AJ's (the Apple Juice Moose) Story of Johnny Appleseed

Play the offline Alphabet Word Chain Game--begin with A for Apple!


How about Making a New Year's Resolution?

Scholastic's Resolution Solution!

Play the Goal Making Game

New Year's Word Search

New Year's Coloring Pages

Selected Sites from Zwolle Elementary School

Blackdog's New Year's Index

Happy New Year in Many Languages

Happy New Year in Many Different Languages


Site Name
Content Excellent Photos / Graphics Easier Reading Adult Assistance Reading Required
1. Zoom School
Choose "Earth" from the list at the left or select one of its subtopics.
. . . . . .
2. PlanetPals.com
Fast Facts. See links at end of page for additional information about the earth and its 7 Wonders lists. . X .
. . . . . .
ABC online book with photos to copy/download
. . . . .  
Online video storybooks (no audio) Click at lower right to turn the page.
Click here for the Earth Story!
. . . . . .
5.The Nine (8) Planets
Extremely difficult reading level but "hard to find" information . . XX
6. Windows to the Universe
Many subtopics regarding Earth. 3 Grade level bands. Link set as "Beginner". X . X
7. Starchild
Information about sun, moon, planets, comets. 2 reading levels . X .
8. Views of the Solar System
Information and links to movies and photos about the Earth X . X
Drawings by primary students support information about earth's geology and geography.     X
10. Questions about the Universe
Hard to answer questions from kids about forces in the universe . .
11. Kids Astronomy
Discusses the planets, moons, astroids, and comets/     X
12. Kids Astronomy
Examine a star map, play a constellation game or examine the phases of the moon.     X
13. American Museum of Natural History: OLOGY
Offers many activities for parents and children about the nature of the universe. (Very Challenging)     X
14.We Choose the Moon
Space Travel
Video on the choice to enter the race to reach the moon.     X
Games and Stories
1. NASA The Space Place Games
2. NASA Wild Weather Game Your weather research blimp will explore Earth and its weather. With luck, skill, and strategy, you will race other weather research blimps to be first to travel all the way around the world and win the game. You can play with your friends, or by yourself with a computer opponent. . . X
3. Play Kids Games.com Launch a Space Shuttle Solve Math Problems: choose addition or subtraction      
4. Kaboose Little Rocket Man Say hello to Little Rocketman, an intrepid astronaut who's out to save his girlfriend from the evil robot. This fun space arcade game can be a good intro to angle geometry as well. Use MOUSE to aim and CLICK to FLY. Hit SPACEBAR to apply AIR BRAKES.      
5. Kaboose Space Patrol Save a doomed planet with Space Patrol. This space game sees kids answering True or False questions to learn about outer space as they defend a planet from asteroids      
6. Jill Bechtold Professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona Create a Planet Answer five questions and have the website create the weather and climate based on your ideas.     X
7. At Home Astronomy 10 Activities from At Home Astronomy This site offers parents the opportunity to extend the classroom learning by providing directions to 10 activities that families might enjoy doing together.     X
8. Space Theme at Kaboose Space puzzles, games, crafts The site offers a variety of puzzles, games, and crafts including coloring pages.   X  
9. Astronomy for Kids Coloring, games, puzzles Astronomy topics with activities listed in the left column.   X  
10. Write a Weather Story Writing A mad lib format where students must write a noun, verb, adjective, adverb and then the story is created.     X
11. What Would You Take to Space? Reading Panels of student writing suggesting what they might take into space.   X  
Photo Sites
1. PDF file Posted Photos This PDF file contains color photos of several planets. Students will need help downloading these.      
Celebrate Arbor Day!


SchoolsOnline: UICU Extension

Trees Are Terrific! learn about how important trees are to all of us.

The Secret Life of Trees

My First Garden learn how to plan, and grow a flower of vegetable garden

National Arbor Day Foundation Site Play Tree-vial Pursuit or Who Wants to be Tree-llionaire.


teddy bear
The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

Make a Bear--A Shockwave activity

The History of the Teddy Bear

teddy bear

100's Day100's Day100's Day

Visit the following zoo Websites and copy/paste one image into your document. Add text to the pages that begins "I went to the zoo and saw one hundred animals. Add one or two sentences with facts about the animal. A full first grade class may be able to find 100 different animals!

(from Connected Newsletter Dec. 2004-Jan. 2005. Classroom Connect.)

San Diego Zoo

The National Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo

Teacher Materials

Polar Bear International:Powerpoint for K--4
Download to Desktop to View

Celebrate the 100th Day in 100 Ways

100th Day of School Activities


Post a large map of the United States for children to see. With the class locate your state and mark your city/town. Refer tothescale of miles on the mpa and mark a 100 mile radius around your town. List the states, major towns, and cities that appear inside the circle as well as rivers, lakes, and landforms. Use Yahooligans to find information about a few of these places and add a photo to the map displayed.

( from Connected Newsletter Dec. 2004-Jan. 2005. Classroom Connect.)

National Atlas of the United States

The Fifty States

United States Atlas

Provide students with several bags of jelly beans and clear plastic cups. View the Jelly Bean website and then distribute the jelly beans and cups to ten groups. Have students count jelly beans into 10 sets of 10. How many sets of jelly beans will fit in one cup? Ask students to fill the cups with one hundred jelly beans. Display two emphy gallon milk cartons. Will att ten sets of 100 jelly beans fit in one container? Will two be needed? Check their theories by pouring the jelly beans into the containers. Then students can calculate the cost of 100 jelly beans and estimate the cost of filling up a wheelbarrow and a truck with jelly beans as shown on the website. One Hundred Jelly Beans

Kites! Kites! Kites! Kites! Kites! Kites! Kites!
1. Read "Spot's Windy Day" an online story  

2 View .Modern Japanese Kites

3.Look at these kites! Kites of Birds

Read with an adult partner about the History of Kites

Historic Kite Events

Visit the Virtual Kite Zoo

4. Kites from Around the World More kites to help you design your own. Kite Safety Kites can pose a danger. Watch out for these possible problems.

5.Kites from India (This commercial site has many ads).

Flying Colors: This Riverdeep site has information about kite construction, flying, and safety. There are also links to videos and photos.

May is National Bicycle Safety Month!

Humpty Dumpty Helmet Video

How Bicycles Work

Safety for Bikes (video)


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